It’s all about safety when it comes to material handling. Forklifts and heavy equipment are crucial for success in the warehouse but must be respected as the powerful machines they are. Is your company complying with all OSHA regulations? Our goal is to make you and/or your employees the most efficient and safe forklift operator possible.  

Proper forklift certification and training can avoid costly fines from OSHA, as well as inventory damage, injury, and more. Our team at Reliable Forklift Sales offers OSHA-certified forklift training courses to bring safety to your warehouse. OSHA requires recertification every 3 years!

Benefits of Forklift Training Courses from Reliable Forklifts Sales:

  • Forklift Safety
  • OSHA Forklift Compliance
  • Reliable Forklift Training
    • We host classes, classroom learning as well as hands-on training (this is important, online courses are NOT OSHA compliant which leaves you open to fines). We can also visit your workspace.
    • Courses offered in both English and Spanish
  • Train the Trainer Program
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Benefits of Forklift Certification 

Forklift Safety 

As you know, forklifts are extremely useful in your warehouse or workspace. However, we have to remember that they are heavy equipment with many potential dangers if not used properly. Forklift safety should be the number one priority EVERY time a forklift is operated. You obviously don’t want your employees getting injured on the job – not to mention the ensuing workplace injury claims…

Forklift safety goes much further than employee safety. While that should be the priority, think about what else can be affected by a forklift accident. Forklifts aren’t cheap. Imagine having to replace a forklift every so often. No matter your company’s budget, the bottom line costs aren’t going to be pretty. Also, don’t forget about warehouse and inventory damage. Implementing proper forklift safety throughout your company can avoid costly renovations and product replacement.

OSHA Forklift Compliance 

Oh yeah, OSHA. Almost forgot about them. Well, your bank account won’t forget about them anytime soon if they leverage a $70,000 fine against you.

That’s right. OSHA can fine companies up to $70,000 for repeated violations and negligence. Again, no matter how much your company makes, can you really afford that much?!

A forklift license isn’t enough to comply with OSHA regulations (but you do need those, and don’t forget that you need to re-certify every three years). Your warehouse or workspace also must meet all safety requirements, along with updated mandatory training every so often. As warehouses and forklift technology continue to evolve, OSHA must keep up with these changes. We have to remember that OSHA isn’t the “bad guy.” They are simply here for companies to keep everyone safe.

Oh, another thing to keep in mind is that driver training courses (including re-certifications) must be held IN PERSON to be OSHA compliant. There has been a rise in “online” driver training classes but they are misleading and will leave you open to fines.

How To Get Forklift Certified in Arizona

Reliable Forklift Training

Luckily for you, Reliable Forklift Sales offers forklift training courses that fully comply with OSHA regulations throughout Arizona. Some of the benefits of getting your forklift license through us include:

  • Classes in English and Spanish
  • We’ll host the training or visit your warehouse – whichever is easier!
  • All training is hands-on for a better learning experience (note: online-only classes are not OSHA compliant).

Our forklift training experts give your employees the knowledge they need to safely operate forklifts, as well as intuitive lessons on environment-awareness and more. The course is a mixture of classroom learning with hands-on practicing.

We find this website to be a great starting point for those interested in forklift certification and safety.

Train the Trainer Program

Reliable Forklift Sales also offers a unique Train the Trainer Forklift Certification program. This is a great option for companies that take on new employees frequently, companies with a large number of employees, and for warehouse managers who like being in control.

We’ll train you and give you all the skills you need (and legal ability) to train your own employees on your own time.

Material Handling and Forklift Driver Training Class

Reliable Forklift Sales is Ready to Provide Forklift Training to Your Staff

Your team will be educated on general forklift operating procedures and safety training. This includes observing your environment and how it affects your equipment. From there, we’ll cover maneuvering your forklift around your warehouse. Next, learn the best practices of safely lifting, transporting, and placing material. All of this training is hands-on and gives your workforce the experience they need to safely operate any forklift in your warehouse.

Remember, your operators need to be re-certified every three years, with in-person classes. For more information on OSHA requirements click here.

If you have any questions like the cost of forklift certification or how long it takes, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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