It’s all about safety when it comes to material handling. Forklifts and heavy equipment are crucial for success in the warehouse but must be respected as the powerful machines they are. That’s why our goal is to make you and/or your employees the most efficient and safe forklift operator as possible.  

Proper forklift training and certification can avoid costly fines from OSHA, as well as inventory damage, injury and more. Our team at Reliable Forklift Sales offers OSHA-certified forklift training courses to bring safety to your warehouse.

Benefits of Forklift Training Courses from Reliable:

  • We host classes, but can also visit your workspace
  • Courses offered in both English and Spanish
  • Classroom learning as well as hands-on training (this is important, online courses are NOT OSHA compliant which leaves you open to fines)

Your team will be educated on general forklift operating procedures and safety training. This includes observing your environment and how it affects your equipment. From there, we’ll cover maneuvering your forklift around your warehouse. Next, learn the best practices of safely lifting, transporting, and placing material. All of this training is hands-on and gives your workforce the experience they need to safely operate any forklift in your warehouse.

Reliable Forklift also offers “Train the Trainer” forklift certification. Pass this and you’ll be able to train your own employees.

Material Handling Driver Training Class

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And remember, your operators need to be re-certified every three years, with in-person classes. For more information on OSHA requirements click here.