Question: First off, what is a truck mounted forklift?

Answer: A truck mounted forklift is a forklift model that can be attached to the back of a truck or trailer to be transported easily.


Question: What’s the difference between a truck mounted forklift, a trailer mounted forklift, and a piggyback forklift?

Answer: There is none. These names are synonymous with each other.


Question: What are some brands that manufacture piggyback forklifts?

Answer: Princeton, Moffett, Sellick, Hiab, Manitou, and Palfinger are just a few.


Now that you have some basic background, let’s get into why truck mounted forklifts are important and how they can help your business.


When To Use A Truck Mounted Forklift

You may be thinking: “why would I ever need to mount my forklift to a truck?” There are actually plenty of instances where piggyback forklifts are useful.

For one, think about your customer’s facility. Do they have the proper equipment to unload inventory you’re supplying them? Does their location have a traditional loading and unloading dock? If not, bringing your own forklift is the simplest solution, plus it can make you a couple extra dollars on a sale.

Trailer mounted forklifts are often used for off-site tasks, like construction sites and landscaping jobs. Hitch kits allow you to transport your forklift and inventory simultaneously.

Benefits of A Piggyback Forklift

As explained earlier, having a trailer or truck mounted forklift gives your company an advantage over competitors who do not. It’s a value-added service that you can either work into your pricing or charge upsells with every purchase. Your customers will appreciate the extra step you’re taking, while your bottom line will appreciate the extra income you’re making. Customers pay extra for convenience, and that’s what you’re providing them.  

Efficient is defined as “maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.” Truck mounted forklifts definitely increase efficiency. Imagine transporting inventory an hour away, but not being able to bring your forklift with you. It would look something like this:

  • Drive an hour to drop-off location
  • Unload inventory (without the help of a forklift)
  • Drive an hour back to your facility
  • Load forklift
  • Drive an hour back to the drop-off location
  • Unload forklift, then move inventory with the forklift
  • Drive an hour back to your facility

Depending on how much inventory is being delivered, this could be a whole day event! Instead, piggyback forklifts can cut out half this time.

Trailer mounted forklifts can also improve safety. You know which forklift is ideal for unloading, transporting, and lifting your inventory. However, your customers may not. By bringing your own forklift, you’re ensuring safe equipment to achieve necessary tasks. Because they are transported on the back of a truck or trailer, piggyback forklifts are generally smaller and more compact. This allows them to easily maneuver in tight spaces – which is crucial for locations that don’t have traditional loading/unloading docks.

Truck Mounted Forklifts In Phoenix

Looking for a piggyback forklift in Phoenix and the surrounding areas? Reliable Forklift Sales is your best bet. Contact us today and our forklift experts will help you decide which trailer or truck mounted forklift is perfect for your next job. We offer new and used models, and even same-day forklift rentals.

It’s time for your business to become more efficient, save and earn some extra money, and improve safety with a truck mounted forklift.

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